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Mercury Freight Forwarder SAS And Its Filial Company Mercury Global Logistics And Services SAS (MGLS) also offer you:

Shopping Agency

Investigation of Plants and Listing of Products

We confirm that documents and products of the company exist, seek and quote the product (3-4 options), pay and collected samples of all the products ordered by the customer.

We analyze the samples and re-samples in case the first shipment does not match with the product requested.

Samples Consolidation and Submission

After analyzing the samples, the final delivery to Colombia is performed, so that the material quality is stated in the inventory or otherwise presented to the final customer.

Negotiation with suppliers

Once the sample is accepted and then order confirmation and negotiation is started, the quantity, value, term negotiation and terms of payment is established.

Assurance of Payments

The customer has the option to perform a direct money order to the company of which is acquiring the product, but to make sure that the company and product exists and are correct, he can also make a money order to MGLS. So we can do a physical verification provider "face to face" to ensure that there is no scam. Also our company is responsible for payment to different suppliers to avoid the financial cost that generates pay several suppliers.

Quality control

Company Inspections.

The companies in which the importer is interested are inspected physically and documentary.

Production inspection, Pre-Shipment inspection and inspections during shipment

MGLS. has two offices in China: one located in East China (Shanghai) and other one southern China (Guangzhou) to save travel costs our staff can conduct inspections throughout China.

Comercial assistance

Visit to China

We coordinate your visits to fairs and companies, for which we offer direct customer support. We facilitate the visa process and purchase of tickets. Organize your schedule in China to make the most of your investment. With translation service and lodging.

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